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What is this wiki about? This is the document sharing wiki for the LRIS-R Upgrade team.
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**It is easy to create a new page by going to "HelpOnPageCreation" and scrolling down to "New Page Macro."
The "example" is actually functional. Enter the title of the page you wish to create and click on Create New Page. You may type over the content on the page that is generated.
NOTE: When attaching a file, make sure that you type in an extension to the file name (.jpg, etc.). This is especially important with image files!
Make a link on the Front Page by adding the page to the list above.

**After you have saved the page, if you want it to be on the top-level navigation, click "Add Link" above the text area. Please note that this will add the link ONLY TO YOUR OWN PAGE, not for the entire group.
If you want to attach a file, click "Attachments" in the navigation above the text area.

**Attached files are not visible on the page until you click the "Attachments" link. Here, you can both see attachments and add attachments.
**Click "get" rather than "view" when you wish to open an attachment.

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